Which Mountain Guide


We have been thinking about the concept of “which mountain”. The thinking was courtesy of some excellent coaching by our colleague Linda yesterday.


We all get choices in life of which mountain we want to climb right now. We have been dangling on a mountain feeling grief related to COVID-19. We’ve been overeating, drinking too much, not taking decisive action in our business. We dangle on ”No”Mountain’ because it numbs us from our feelings. This morning we decided to let go of some of the behaviours which were showing up:

· Perfectionism

· Imposter syndrome

· Need to control

· Fear of failure


These behaviours can derail us as leaders in a pandemic comeback. Most leaders we coach have these traits as the flip side of these have made them leaders. They drive themselves forward; they do great work and make things happen. However, if they can’t overcome these derailers, their thinking will drain their Vitality.

Without Vitality, they will not Connect, Collaborate and Create optimally. We all have the next mountain in mind. We select “Go” Mountain. Sarah and Christine can provide some free virtual coaching to guide letting go of “Stuck” and choosing “Go”…. Could be the best decision you make all year.


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