The Wave


Sarah Linton and Christine Jull collaborate as CHANGE leaders in The Wave.  The Wave is a joint venture for coaching at the intersection of life and leadership to support high performing leaders to balance the truly important in their lives for their wellbeing.

These leaders will use the CHANGE elements below:

  • Courage – simplify uncertainty/complexity to innovate
  • Heart – cultivating authenticity
  • Acceptance – all that is and will be
  • Nourishment – body, mind and energy to thrive
  • Growth – Endless creativity and renewal
  • Engagement – Lead, Connect and Inspire


The tools and mindset approach which Christine and Sarah use from their leadership experience combined with health and life coaching toolkits enable leaders to balance:


  • Identity – courage, self-awareness, confidence
  • Wellbeing – purpose, mental, sleep, nutrition, exercise, illness
  • Life stages – young family, teens, menopause & retirement
  • Relationships – self, partners, family, friends
  • Hard times – grief, death, illness, recovery




  • Innovation – vulnerability, risk-taking, growth mindset
  • Big projects or critical expectations
  • Career – break, change, evolution, restructure, entrepreneurship (leading, surviving or experiencing)
  • Uncertainty & complexity – overwhelm
  • Succession planning or new to the role
  • Stakeholders – team, colleagues, ELT etc.


Contact Sarah through Tides of Change or Christine at KIS Coach Me to hear more about the tools and packages we offer for your optimum wellbeing.