Testimonials – Leadership Coaching

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A: Career and Leadership

I have always got a few areas of myself that I would like to improve, however with the challenges of being a mother of two while having a full-time job some of them got written on new year resolutions every year but never got done. Christine’s coaching sessions are not only inspirational but also very practical. Starting by understanding the core values and things you truly treasure in your life, to an agreement on one goal that you would like to achieve within a year, you have an extremely patient and experienced mentor, a passionate cheerleader, a supportive friend who believes in you and a go-to person for all the worries and struggles along the way of trying.

I have achieved things I have been thinking about over two years in only three months time with her support. I had the pleasure of working with her at GE company and truly admired her interpersonal skills at that time. Over the last few years it also impressed me about how she managed to always smile and stay positive no matter what happens. She is such a lovely person full of wisdom and love, that I would recommend anyone who’s got a question or a goal in life, to give a try on her exploratory session.

B: Leadership Capability

Christine cares more about the success and development of people who have worked for her than any other leader I have come across. Christine gave me a great deal of advice and feedback across several roles and different organisations.

A lot of what she imparted to me during that time still sticks with me, especially some of the feedback which was hugely valuable. I recommend Christine for any form of guidance and mentoring.

C: Leadership Capability

I had the good fortune to work with Christine for a number of years at a large Financial Services organisation. Christine is a fantastic mentor and coach, and does a great job challenging people to find their own solution to problems and most importantly, installs a huge amount of self-belief in the people she manages.

As well as helping me push forward professionally she was always great to chat to about how to balance work with my personal life and just watching her attitude to life in general has been very inspiring for me (and I know I’m not the only one).

C: Mentoring

Christine (CJ) and I worked together for several years in a business that was a ‘start-up’ environment. I’d watched Christine from afar in a prior organisation and, to get the opportunity to work alongside her, was both exciting but also slightly intimidating as she came with a big reputation.

CJ was so generous in supporting me into what was one of my first senior leadership roles. I watched her mobilise and inspire a large team to dream big and deliver ambitious outcomes. But her influence went well beyond her team; she was our work ‘mum’, the wise owl of the business who could always provide perspective and create calm in any drama.

Yes, I was blessed to learn heaps from CJ about technology and programme management but it was her approach to appreciating life, being in the moment and her empathy that has remained with me. A couple of her wise words ring around my head today when faced with challenging situations.

The last few years have been so challenging for CJ in a ways no one could anticipate or even begin to understand but I’m so pleased she’s now following her dreams and will be able to share her perspective wider.

D: Business and Leadership 

Christine has a warm empathetic manner and I instantly connected to her. She helped me uncover limiting beliefs that were holding me back and tools to assist in changing them. After every session, I felt re-motivated to make changes in my life and business.

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