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Health Coaching – Christine Jull


Since starting my coaching sessions my hectic and disorganised life has taken a huge makeover.

I have now decluttered, reshuffled and making more time exercise and create healthier, wholesome meals for my family and I.

I have found over the years that fad diets don’t work but changing your mental attitude about food does.

Eating healthy, filling organic whole foods really works!

I think everybody should book a life coach and I couldn’t recommend a better one than Christine! �


I collaborate with Sarah Linton in The Wave Collab, to bring a life-changing experience which gets you doing your thing and improving your life by focusing on crucial coaching zones:

  • Vitality: Create focus and energy by maximising our wellbeing and life balance.
  • Collaborate: Evolve the way we connect with others in all relationships.
  • Connect: Develop our strengths, our intuition and a positive mindset.
  • Create: Innovate and inspire, create change and action in the world

We work with you to design an experience which meets your goals, and you choose the focus for each session.

We all want to be the best we can be in the time we have, and it takes continuous learning and self-awareness to be a great leader, professional or entrepreneur while enjoying a balanced life.  A coach can accelerate our personal development and learning to be clear about our priorities and get to where we want to be faster.

We know a growth mindset can generate innovation and evolve businesses in uncertain times.  We know that being vulnerable in coaching can shift our imposter syndrome mindset and build courage and confidence to step up and collaborate in new ways.

The cost of coaching is a small investment to attain a long term goal or grow our career, business or life to the next level.  Often organisations will sponsor coaching for their people as they know the performance boost can be at least 7X.


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