Six types of Courage (As a Leader)


Earlier in the year, I wrote about courage.

Courage and Motivation

A large part of the blog was around motivation and how living your purpose can provide fodder for more grit and resilience and hence more courage.

The past few weeks have me thinking about courage again.  I am gaining experience in the multiple facets of courage. The six types of courage are physical, social, intellectual, moral, emotional and spiritual courage.

Over the past few years, I was focused on the physical courage to be resilient and overcome ill health. I did well and created a new world around me to accommodate my change in capability and outlook. I had a single purpose;  slowing down to get well and happy again.

Although the worst of my physical challenges are over, I had inadvertently reshaped how I see my capability.  Without realising it, I created thoughts for myself as not 100% capable in all aspects of my life.  Sometimes the ideas we apply in one situation spill over into another part of our lives.

So I have been working on stepping up in my current purpose, which is to keep life simple through coaching.  To reach more people, I must step up and overcome the fear of not being enough with more courage.

I am finding that running a business involves social, intellectual, moral, emotional and spiritual (purpose) courage.  As a solo-preneur, we are playing roles that we successfully avoided when we were in a specialised role in an organisation.  Those were the roles that we were uncomfortable playing given our own unique set of beliefs about ourselves.  It is a massive learning curve on all fronts to play all these roles. Leadership is the same; it’s challenging to meet all the expectations of ourselves and others.  Here is an article with specific courage examples for leaders below.


Aspiring Leaders Courage


“The truth is that courage resides within you; you must simply decide to embrace it.”
— Jennifer McClanahan-Flint


I love this quote because the same is true of fear.  There is no need for courage without fear, so we are always going to experience both.  Courage is the act of being afraid but doing it regardless.

The challenge requires pushing up against emotions that we don’t want to experience.  Those fears can be related to deeply held beliefs about who we are in the world.  We sometimes have to change the way we see ourselves to become the person on the other side of the goal.

That’s me – I’m 100% capable right now!  How about you, what do you need to believe in creating the courage required for your next step?


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