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This week my Mastermind group had another lovely guest. We talked with Julie Jones* who is a fantastic baker about Instagram. She has a large following and had lots of tips for us on the use of the platform. Julie has a massive talent for baking beautiful things. She makes her photographs gorgeous and simple (check it out at the link below) Always without clutter. Clutter is not attractive.

Decluttering is a favourite concept for me. The simple act of clearing my desk has been something that always makes me feel calmer and more organised. I find it’s the same with letting go of anything, whether its clutter at home, at work or things which are holding you back from moving on with a dream, an idea or a plan.

After my health issues nearly two years ago, I wanted to radically change my life to reduce stress, reset my health and live and work in an environment that I loved. Before any of those things could be attained or accepted, I had to do a lot of letting go. Letting go of my identity as a leader, my home, which I loved, my team at work who were fantastic and my old ‘invincible’ self.

So, I worked out the order things needed to happen, and the sequence, and after making sure I was sure about all this, I acted and let go of each item. It sounds a little corny, but I do think some magic happens when we take significant action in our lives. Synchronous things seem to happen to enable even more progress. An example of this was finding a perfect new house, and I was also able to move into, on the same day, I settled my home in Auckland.

Many things had to go in moving into a much smaller house from a larger one, but it felt great to rid myself of things that accumulated over the years and just keeping the things that I loved.

I practice this decluttering concept with my coaching clients too. After we have set a goal, one of the first actions that many of them take is to work through their lives and let go of activities. They do this by clearing their calendar and decluttering things in their environment. This extra space creates the capacity to do the things that they genuinely want to spend their time on.

Sometimes burning your bridges can be challenging. Letting go of relationships, things you have loved, ideas that no longer serve you or merely learning to accept a situation you can’t control. Here are a few steps for going about this.

1. Identify the results you are having that you don’t want to occur in your life
2. Determine the actions you are taking which contribute to those results
3. Locate the feelings that are creating those actions (take the time to feel them without resistance)
4. Pinpoint the beliefs/thoughts that are creating those feelings
5. Ask the question ‘are these thoughts serving me for my long-term benefit?’
6. If not, release the thought/feeling and create a new belief that serves you
7. Create further actions from that new feeling
8. Act
9. Notice the new results

Stepping through this process takes time; however there are substantial benefits to being able to let go of stories, people or finding a belief that allows you to accept something you can’t change as it is.

So, if there is something out there that you want to achieve, or you have wanted to happen for some time, the first action could be letting something go…. What would that be? How can you let go to achieve more beauty in your life?



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