Project Me – Set, Explore and Get what you can’t Forget.


It’s human nature always to have ín mind something unsatisfying or an opportunity in terms of improving our lot or others in life; we can’t let go of these things.  I think that’s what we are supposed to do in life – pursue them. In my head, they are projects with a beginning a middle and an end and I’ve always loved projects for that reason.  I don’t have the right nature to imagine that something will go on and on forever.

At the moment I’m in the process of writing a little eBook that I’m going to call it Project Me. I’m writing it because I have researched and learnt through experience a lot about projects, personal growth, goal setting, common pitfalls and the process of attaining an aspiration.  I wanted to share some of that knowledge and some of the tools that I have been using in my coaching with my clients.

I was reflecting today about the essential goals in life and the time we spend on those in our lives.  Perhaps the time we spend is not proportionate to the nature of the goals.

I can remember years ago reading we spend a lot more time choosing a car than we do carefully thinking through and then applying our criteria to select a partner, husband or wife. I think a lot of us have made the mistake of jumping in too deep too quick.  I certainly did in my earliest relationship, maybe that’s par for the course! We live and learn. 😊

I think the concept of jumping in without planning or thinking also applies to work on our purpose and the goals that are important to us.  We might spend significant time thinking about the outcome, but we seldom structure our thinking in detail or take the time to examine whether what we believe about our goal is serving us in the long term. A lot of the time we spend is in catastrophising the obstacles and bemoaning ourselves for not getting on with the goal fast enough.  We also end up giving up too quickly because we are discouraged when we hit obstacles and lose sight of the goal.

We resist structuring our thinking because it seems like it’s not necessary. The effort to break down a goal, get clear about constraints, resources available to us, the match with the rest of our lives and the detail of the action required all seems too hard. So we randomly think about it in circles.  This way consumes way more time in the long run.  I can shortcut this.

In the cookbook, I will break down the steps, so that in less than an hour, you can read the book, understand in detail all the elements around that aspiration and target the exact actions required.  It is just like planning a project but its also agile for evolving as we learn more, seeing both the obstacles and the outcome more clearly.

The cookbook will be free and include a template for breaking down a goal sufficiently to take the right actions now and in the future.

Are you one of the rare individuals that write down your goals, breaks up the elements and turns them into a project you deliver on?  If so well done!  If not, you can do this and get that unsatisfied feeling or unfulfilled purpose on track to be delivered.  Take the time out now yourself or check out my Project Me eBook soon.


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