Our Why (Authentic Leadership Tip number 1)


I’ve been thinking about ‘my why’ lots this week.  I’ve been working on some great concepts with another coach, and I’m excited about what we are creating together.  I’ll be talking more about this soon as it’s lined up with my why.

Our why gives purpose or makes life meaningful to us.  The why might be related to the work we do or it might not.  There may be several why’s or there might be just one.  We must feel strongly about it to overcome the obstacles in our way because there will always be some.

Often our why’s in life are related to our most powerful experiences and the way we feel about them.  It’s the reason why many people are working in mental health, for instance.  They are there because they have experienced mental health issues.  They genuinely care about helping others who are experiencing what they have experienced.

I am living a ‘’Why’’ because of my experiences.  My ‘’Why’’ is ‘’keep things simple and create synergy.’’

For me, that means enabling people to create a feeling of synergy between their lives (including wellbeing) and their leadership.  When these are aligned, we feel amazing and we are best able to live our full potential.  I want as many people as possible to feel that way.

My ‘’Why’’ exists because I spent a lot of my life not feeling in synergy with my life and leadership and ultimately it nearly cost me my life.  I spent far too much of my time striving, trying to please others and achieve things that were important to them, believing they must, therefore, be relevant to me too.  My path with yoga and with my friends and family as well as my medical crises have allowed me to focus on what is important to me and to feel that synergy now.

I can’t bear the thought of other leaders who are struggling, feeling alone in leadership roles, caring for people at work and also caring for loved ones at home.  Once they have given all of this energy, there is little for themselves and what they need. So their well-being suffers.  I see this in my clients all the time and I feel driven to share the tools and knowledge I have as a change leader with health coaching and leadership experience.  Creating synergy of purpose and action can have massive impacts on someone’s life and their ability to lead.

I certainly wish that I had grasped the concept of what self-care meant when I was struggling with the balance between life and leadership.  It isn’t pampering yourself because you are exhausted. Self-care is creating the mindset knowing what you want, valuing yourself including saying no to others when required and executing what you want to happen.  That kind of self-care serves us, helping us not to get overweight, stressed and exhausted, but to take care of ourselves as that care is crucial to achieving the ”Why.”

Often we have not thought about ‘’Why’’, but when aligned with our ‘’Why’’ we are genuine leaders.  We match our decisions against our “Why’’ to validate whether a course of action is consistent. We are living our ‘’Why” because it is meaningful and we care about it.  Therefore we can act genuinely.

When other people see our genuine leadership, they are inspired by it.

What’s your ‘’Why?’’ Is it related to your life experience and do you share it?


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