Motivation – Three lenses for yourself your team and family


I feel so lucky to be out of lockdown for the moment in New Zealand. I, however, do have colleagues, family and friends in Australia, the US, Argentina and the UK and today I reflected on the challenge of staying motivated during a prolonged lockdown (hot water by any one’s definition)

Daniel Pink has given us three useful lenses to review motivation for ourselves and our teams.  Using each of these lenses we can review our lack of motivation for changes we can make to recover some of that motivation for ourselves and our teams and families.  I have gathered these together as a set of reflective questions for yourself and team or family.


  • How can we give or elicit feedback to have a new goal or improvement to focus our minds or the minds of those around us?
  • How can we create greater choice for ourselves or our teams to create a greater sense of freedom?
  • What encouragement can we give ourselves or others to keep momentum and progress flowing?



  • What “Goldilocks” tasks can we put our focus on?  These are tasks that are not too difficult and not too easy but just right for us.
  • What stretch can we create in what we are doing or asking others to do so that the stretch becomes the focus



  • What is the cause larger than ourselves or our team or family that we can tap into as a source of inspiration:
  • How does what we are doing matter to that cause?
  • What is the ripple effect in the world?


To all those in lockdown… This too shall pass.  Take care of yourselves (especially don’t be too hard on yourself) and keep taking action and believing in brighter days.


If we remove our focus from what life SHOULD be like.  We become open to what it COULD be like.

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