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Take some time it’s a new decade…

Happy 2020! I hope you had an amazing break over the holiday period.

A new decade inevitably brings reflection and creates some emotion about the future. How does it make you feel?

We often teach the lesson we most need(ed) to learn ourselves, and I relearned the reason for my purpose with one of my coaches last week.

I see people every day who are focused on their roles and being great leaders or business owners or something else. They put masses of energy into achieving, and they are very successful.  They also feel stressed and frustrated and know something is missing. They can feel unclear about where they are headed (their purpose). Sometimes this plays out in their health, their drinking or eating and their relationships (their wellbeing).

These people are smart and often love finding ways through complexity to achieve simplicity. They enjoy leading and supporting other people and have developed their skills in both to the point they excel in their roles. The dark side can be they are starting to feel tired, have digestive issues, are overweight and spend long hours at work rather than with family and friends.

I coach at the intersection between wellbeing and leadership. The point where balance is maintained daily (because inherently balancing means rebalancing).  It takes concerted effort to keep this balance and to manage your thinking (hence emotions) to feel the way you want to feel. I have a talent for making things real for myself by managing my emotions, hence my thoughts and actions to get what I want. I now use this talent to help others to see how they could make solutions to their challenges and opportunities real too.

I know how easy it is to spend years with long hours at work, ignoring all the signals that stress levels and hence health are suffering. I was so busy I didn’t take care of my health and wellbeing and forgot what my purpose was. I wasn’t happy or looking after myself. I had to learn my lesson the hard way and I can feel a little ashamed now that I wasn’t smart enough to put myself first. However, sometimes hard knocks (in my case breast cancer and emergency heart surgeries) are what it takes to learn a great lesson.

After qualifying as a health coach, I have learnt some fantastic tools to maintain emotional health. Sure, it sounds ‘soft’, but the reality is that everything we do in life is to feel better. So, if we can manage our thinking, which creates our feelings, we can achieve this more often in our lives. If we can feel what we want to feel, it also has a massive positive impact on our relationships, people we lead, friends and family. We can be an example for others.

Even better, the tools are simple but do take practice. Learning the tools and practising understanding and managing your thinking is what my coaching is about, so you can be more and do more in life and leadership. Coaching is not for broken people; it’s for people who want to get more from their lives and careers and go to the next level of their capability.

The whole point? Living on purpose takes effort but is what we owe ourselves to make the most of the time we have available to us. Anything less is offensive because its a waste of the energy we have already expended to get to where we are.

So where are you headed in 2020? Well done if you are feeling clear, many do not…

Take some time – get clear. You deserve it.


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