Life is Short, Connect, Collaborate & Create – Don’t Quit


What is it in your life that you just won’t quit on?


I was coached yesterday after experiencing a bit of a flashback and some less than desirable thoughts about death (how fun!). Three years ago, I got through my surgeries, heart and breast cancer with five scars totalling 1 metre, and still have some pains in the scar areas.


Although I didn’t feel scared of death before going into the surgeries, suddenly yesterday I had some fear come up about losing connection with people in my life who I love.  I felt afraid to die.  I knew that I want to always feel at peace with dying, so I decided my coaching session today would be focused on this.


My coach was fantastic and helped me to see that I can just choose to assume that I will keep going and can always connect to those that I love in this world and those that are no longer here.  It’s all about how I choose to think of connection; it all comes from me.


The coaching reinforced my existing belief that life is short, and I want myself and my clients to be prepared to take risks and grow into the best version of ourselves we can imagine—no wasting time or quitting here. Rest to smell the roses, but no quitting.


I want to keep connecting, collaborating and creating with others until, well, I just won’t quit ever!


PS: I listen to our local community version of this new radio station every day and love it. Give it a go – it’s streaming on the internet so anyone can listen. There are no ads, only stories and positive snippets.  You might even hear Sarah or me on there.



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