Imposter Syndrome


I regularly hear from clients and former colleagues the following thoughts which I now associate with experiencing Imposter Syndrome.  These thoughts can be debilitating and hinder performance for individuals and teams.


Underlying thoughts:

  • I cannot fail because then I will be a failure
  • No one can find out that I am no good
  • Be perfect – I loathe those parts of me that are not perfect
  • I should be able to do it all, every time, with ease
  • Do not take risks


I coach clients to uncover and reframe these thoughts and the emotions that go with them, as I have done for myself.


These are my alternative thoughts to replace those above:


  • Ideas may not work the way I thought – I am always worthy
  • I am good enough for me and that is enough
  • I am perfectly imperfect
  • I stay curious, respect my attempts, and keep learning
  • Risks bring Reward


I am happy to help your personal development through a complimentary discovery session to uncover and replace those underlying thoughts/beliefs about yourself.


What intentional thoughts could you use instead of experiencing the pain of imposter syndrome?


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