About You


Are you a striver?  Are you a leader of a business or a team and are successful, capable, smart, positive, and you love learning?  Do you have goals and go and get them in both life and leadership?

Are you lying awake at night feeling like you can’t do enough to make things the way you want them and wondering how it could be different?

Are you leading a big project or set of deliverables, or have expectations from all directions but never have enough time to get enjoyment from the present moment?   You are a passionate leader; however, you are thinking, it’s a bit challenging now, because of ….? But it will be fine when…? However “when” never seems to arrive?

I know that when you are full of vitality and leading and succeeding the way that you want to be “when” will have arrived.  You will feel good about who you are and how you live your life.  Right now.

If that’s you, then I’m the coach for you because that’s was me too! I’ve learnt through experience and some great tools the way to enjoy life right now.

Let’s collaborate in a 1:2:1 programme to keep you and your team and business in the growth zone.  Use the right strategies to stay energised in a complex and uncertain environment.


Do you want to thrive not strive?