Hide or Seek?


Sometimes life is a bit overwhelming and we can feel unsure whether to keep seeking a way forward or just hide and let the world go on by.

I’m a big believer in resting rather than quitting.  It’s good to hide for a little while sometimes to rejuvenate ourselves. However, we know that we need to go out and seek again once we have rested.


I wash pushing myself along this week to solve a lot of different issues that felt overwhelming, especially when another lockdown comes along right in the middle of it.


I was talking to my business partner and my coach about it. It all felt really hard and I wasn’t having fun at all. My coach reminded me that if it seemed too hard then I must be doing it wrong. Rather than driving forward, I needed to ‘back up the truck” and find a way to make it simpler and easier.


It worked, when I broke down my problems, solutions and the exact next steps it no longer seemed too hard.  It was clear.


If it is simple and easy it is going to be more fun and keeping a sense of fun in life is critical to be willing to get seeking again.


I’m out of hiding and back seeking again… I feel much better than I did.

I hope your lockdown blues aren’t overwhelming… if they are, hide a minute and try to figure out how you can make the next step easy and simple.



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