Four Tools for Reflection – Take only one action


Today I was looking back at some materials from the yoga teacher training I did several years ago.  The aspirations contained in the 8 limbs of yoga are helpful as a reflection tool.  I found a summary of 4 elements which are a simple way to frame up the concepts.


I took a look at some of my thinking under each of the headings below and it gave me some perspective on what I was and wasn’t focused on.  It made me realise again that life isn’t a sprint, its a marathon and looking at it from the big picture helps to reduce the haste and increase our speed toward the things we want.


Aspiring to Grow:

There were lots of areas where I did have an aspiration to grow and was doing the work however there were several where I realised that I wasn’t growing as fast because I was nervous about what would be required of me.


An example is that I aspire to become an outstanding public and video speaker and I have done some great work in this space, including some good speeches and joining and working on my skills at Toast Masters.  I still have work to do though and I need to face into that work to make progress.


Self Awareness:

I have some good self-awareness around many topics but there were still others where I know I have blind spots because its difficult to see our thinking.  I have coaches and I am using self-coaching tools every day.  I am pretty happy with my progress in this area.


Discernment: Reducing areas of Ignorance

How do we keep evolving our ability to discern good and bad choices for ourselves by reducing those areas of our ignorance?  For example, I do have an awareness of what it means for me being a female in a male-dominated environment.  However, the nuances of inclusivity/diversity and knowing how I can support others as persons of colour are still something for me to learn and work on.


Integrity: Alignment of Word, Thought and Deed

Mostly I am behaving in integrity however there are areas to improve. This includes my tendency to please people.  I am not having an honest opinion because I want to avoid conflict.  I have work to do in these areas to clean up the way I think and then speak up.



I would love you to have a look at some of these elements for yourself, with an approach of curiosity.  First, think about areas where you are making progress and then about those where your progress is challenged.

After reflecting, which should only take about 10-20 minutes, please create one action as a result of your reflection.










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