Courage builds dreams; doubts kill more dreams than failure


When I was at some of the most challenging points in my career and life, I was noticing a few things:


  • I had digestive issues
  • I was anxious I would let others down
  • I longed to feel calm and courageous
  • I felt sad and stuck


Underneath all those feelings, I had a dream of owning a coaching/consulting business.  It just seemed overwhelming to consider trying to create this when I felt the way I did.  I doubted that I could own a successful business.  I didn’t trust myself, and I thought it would be too risky.


I would like to tell you that I overcame the doubts on my own and started my business, but that is not the full truth.  I lost my life partner and had significant health issues which propelled me to get serious about living my dreams.


Then the reason I wanted to move forward became more potent than the reasons why not.  For me, it was that I couldn’t bear the thought that my life might be a lot shorter than I thought and could be unfulfilled.  I could have chosen this thought at any point and used it to overcome my doubts.


Now I am a couple of years into the journey I do not regret one bit of it.  I am happy and calm a vast percentage of the time, and I understand how to manage my thinking to feel exactly how I want.  Life is incredible; I have grown so much from owning a coaching business. I love who I’m becoming!


I wanted to be a health/life/leadership coach to support others with the vitality and capability to overcome doubt and live dreams.


The doubts I hear most often from others are, unwillingness to invest in their dreams, maybe I’m not good enough, perhaps I’ll fail, COVID is the wrong time to take risks. However, we have all just had the same wake-up call I did – life is too short to doubt our dreams.


Now is a great time to make a change in our thinking.  Now is always the best time for going after what we want.


  1. Zana says:

    Now is always the time! Thank you, great reminder that doubt is a force to be reckoned with.

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