Calm Courage the number one tool for Growth Mode


How do you rate yourself in feeling burnout or continuous personal growth? I talk with people who are feeling drained and not their best selves with either their families or their colleagues and clients at work.  Worse, they are constantly feeling frustrated with themselves because they can’t seem to do the things for themselves they would like to (e.g. drink and eat less, exercise more and sleep better).  It’s a vicious circle and they can’t seem to generate the calm courage they would like to have to overcome life’s challenges.


We can feel life isn’t fair when we are burning the candle at both ends.  We can also feel powerless to change things as “there isn’t enough time”  I know everything seemed to be happening “to me” at the stages in my life when I felt burnt out.


Addressing the feeling of being a victim and creating the capacity to see that life can happen “for me” so we can take back control of our time and energy can sometimes seem like too much effort. So we give in to our less healthy impulses.


“Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor” so we know that we have to challenge ourselves to continue to grow personally and professionally.  We can not, however, maintain a healthy growth mindset when we are over-extended.  Sometimes this is hard to see when you are “striving”.


There are always challenges in life and when we just keep striving in every aspect of our lives we are often avoiding some of those challenges.


My signature strengths are curiosity, honesty and perspective and it’s taken me years to figure out how to use these for the calm courage to overcome my challenges.  Think about your biggest strengths and consider how you might use them to stay in growth mode, not burnout mode.


Close your eyes, take three deep breaths, and imagine yourself in calm courage able to watch your thoughts whatever they are? Wouldn’t you like to stay there?




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