About Me

Christine Jull


I love people, leadership, learning and vitality in life.  My colleagues and clients tell me I simplify the complex, get outcomes, build outstanding teams and generate deep insight with powerful questions.  I am open, real, honest, curious, and I bring perspective and get shit done.

I have experienced full vitality as well as severe health issues. The dark side of my gift of a calm exterior was seething self-doubt underneath. That doubt created a variety of stress-related symptoms that I ignored until it was nearly too late.  That experience means I am passionate about supporting leaders to rebalance their lives and teams for life and success.  In addition to 25 years of leadership experience, I studied health and life coaching to create a more holistic experience for leaders. I focus on vitality and personal leadership because I know this combination creates genuinely high performance.



25 years+ leading change in business & government environments (AU/NZ)

  • Executive-level Technology and Operations Leadership Roles
  • CIO, $35M budgets and complex projects for start-up & rapid growth businesses
  • Operations Manager: led operational and customer service teams 250+ through seismic levels of change
  • 7+ years leading the project for astart-up financial services business and created my own coaching business



  • BBS & MBA in Management
  • Certified Health & Life Coach & ICF member
  • Yoga Teacher (500 hrs)


Youth Mentor, Springboard Trust


I collaborate with my business partner Sarah Linton to deliver The Wave, making a difference by supporting leaders to have Wisdom And Vitality Everyday.

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