About Christine Jull


I am Christine Jull, and I have spent over 25 years of coaching and developing people.  I have led technology teams as CIO, including $35M budgets for both start-up and long-established finance businesses.  I have also led large operational teams of up to 250 people and reported to multinational stakeholders and boards.  I have a reputation for thinking clearly, simplifying the complex,  delivery of outcomes and building great teams.

In 2017 I studied both health and life coaching and then started my own coaching business, to give others a more holistic coaching experience. I am a Leaders Coach to support leaders to feel more synergy in their lives and leadership.

I am a professional coach and here is what one of my recent clients said:

‘Christine has a warm, empathetic manner, and I instantly connected to her. She helped me uncover limiting beliefs that were holding me back and tools to assist in changing them. After every session, I felt re-motivated to make changes in my life and business.’


I use my experience as a leader and my MBA and BBS in management to coach with an awareness of today’s requirements of a business leader. I use my life and health coach certifications, membership with the International Coach Federation, my yoga teaching qualifications and my passion for the human spirit to coach the best from others.


I love what I do and would like to have the opportunity to let you experience a free discovery session.


I am gifting a one-hour-long “Leaders Discovery” session.  In this session, you or someone you know will discover:

  • A compelling vision for your transformation
  • What’s stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from what you want.
  • A first action to address the habits or obstacles bringing you down.


A Discovery session is an excellent opportunity. You can see what it would be like to work with me as your Coach or understand more about what I do, as you may know, someone who would benefit. I will help you create your next action with the most significant goal or challenge you have.


If you or someone you know could benefit from finally getting that life or career dream they have been thinking about for some time. Click on the buttons below and book a discovery session:



If you want time to consider why you need a coach, this is a great video to watch while you think about it.  Coaching applies to any problem.


You Tube


First-time Managers benefit hugely from coaching as well as outlined in this NZ business article.


First time Managers